A Change of Seasons CH14

Hello all and I hope everyone had a great Autumn Equinox and or Halloween and or Fall Festival and or whatever it is you celebrate or don't celebrate even if it's just possibly some cooler weather here in the Northern Hemisphere. In central Florida here where I live now it's gotten a bit cooler and less rainy so that's been nice, and everyone is looking forward to the holiday season.

Here is what is likely the next to last section of Change of Seasons - what is up next is either a new Dar and Kerry story or one with Jess and Dev - I am going to decide this week.

A Change of Seasons Part 14


A Change of Seasons Part 13

Hello folks - thanks for your patience again. I have been traveling both for work and for a little bit of vacation and I also changed laptops so everything had to be moved over and set up and I just got back from New York this evening so here we are.

A Change of Seasons Part 13


A Change of Seasons Part 12

Hello folks - sorry this has been so long. I was quite under the weather for a few weeks and so had to defer updating until that was all sorted out. I am doing much better now and so here is the next update.

A Change of Seasons Part 12


A Change of Seasons Part 11

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July for those here in the US, and are having a nice summer. Here is the next section of Change of Seasons.

A Change of Seasons Part 11


A Change of Seasons Part 10

Well hello folks. I am sorry to have been so long between updates but I have been changing jobs as well as changing cities. I just finished moving to Kissimmee, and it’s given me the opportunity to start updating again. So here is Part 10 of A Change in Seasons - hope you enjoy.

A Change of Seasons CH10